Budersand Hotel Golf & Spa

Interaction with the landscape

The unique Budersand Hotel is nestled between the sea, dunes and a golf course and offers a magnificent view on the vastness of the North Frisian Island landscape in all directions. With its clear and modern design language, the five-star hotel opens up new perspectives on the interplay of the surrounding coastal landscape with an ever-changing light.

Modern interpretation

On the green ground floor, which slides under the neighboring golf course, there are four connected buildings. Each building has its own inner courtyard, which directs light and air deep into the interior, thus creating lightness and transparency. The choice of natural materials and light colors alludes to regional construction methods and reinterprets them in a modern way. The facades are covered with a permeable layer of silver-grey cedar wood slats, which ensure the guests’ intimacy while also referring to the traditional thatched roofs.

Four directions

All areas and rooms have large-scale, threshold-free glazing, allowing the in- and outside to merge almost seamlessly. 80 rooms and suites are waiting to welcome hotel guests with a stunning view of the landscape. Furthermore, an extensive lobby with a bar and a wine bar, a unique restaurant located directly at the seaside, a library, an extensive spa and wellness area in the dunes as well as numerous outdoor and roof terraces are available for guests in the Budersand hotel.

Project details

Süden GmbH
Hörnum (Sylt)
Building volume
14,000 sqm GFA
Completion 2010
Patrik Dierks with dko
Jana Ebert
(Image above / image 1 below)
GC Budersand Sylt
(Image 2 below)
Klemens Ortmeyer
(Cover picture / images 3-10 below)
Andrea Flak
( images 11-15 below)

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