Bürgenstock Alpine Spa Interior

Alpines Interior

The Bürgenstock Alpine SPA is the new centerpiece of a resurgent hotel legend as a part of the revitalization of the Bürgenstock Resort. The Alpine SPA of the legendary resort, which consists of an ensemble of several luxury-class hotels, is located in an exposed position above the lake Lucerne and offers a unique and diverse spa experience on 10,000 square meters as well as restaurants and a historic park.

Flooded with light

The light-flooded indoor pool, the focal point of the spa area, offers a magnificent view of the alpine landscape of central Switzerland. Enhanced by the outdoor infinity pool, which floats high above the rock face. Three levels carved deep into the rock offer a spa landscape whose spatial character is determined by points of light and the rhythm of daylight, as well as by windows that provide targeted views.

Breathtaking views

With formal reduction of architecture and warm materials, a memorable place has been created, paired with breathtaking views for the ultimate relaxation, while creating the security of a luxuriously appointed rock cave.

Project details

Katara Hospitality AG
Lake Lucerne / Switzerland
Building volume
approx. 10,000 sqm GFA
Architectural competition 2015
Patrik Dierks, Norbert Sachs
plus 4930

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