Elementary school Gehrden

Exemplary school building

The subject is the restricted architectural competition with preliminary application procedure for the new construction of a four-grade elementary school in Gehrden. The city is providing an inner-city site for a sophisticated, economically and functionally sustainable new building. The aim of this project is to make an exemplary contribution to energy efficiency and sustainability in regional school construction.

Clear concept

The design develops its defining parameters in a way that is both clear and obvious. A clearly legible building organization for the elementary school is developed from two square basic forms of different sizes, so that they overlap and thereby link the exterior and interior spaces in an ideal manner. The space program to be realized for the 4-grade elementary school has the areas of general teaching, subject teaching, administration, special and operational areas as well as the all-day area.

Project details

City of Gehrden (the mayor)
Building volume
5,200 sqm GFA
Invited competition 2018
Patrik Dierks, Katrin Cramer
Lukas Specks

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