European school Lev Tolstoy

State European school in Berlin

The subject of the restricted competition for teams of architects and landscape architects is the extension of the school and the construction of a new sports hall for the Lew Tolstoi State European school (SESB).

Spatial expansion

In order to expand the school site to a quadrennial capacity, the existing school building, a mostly renovated serial school building type, would be structurally expanded and reconstructed. In addition, a new two-bay sports hall is planned for the site. The space program for the school expansion includes usable surface of approximately 1,700 sqm and a two-bay sports hall of approximately 1,235 sqm. The size of the open space is 10,500 sqm including the sports facilities.

Open space concept

The new extension building connects advantageously to the existing building, whereby the staircase wing is gutted and changed in favor of a generous development. The new building offers an open and well-structured space to complement the serial existing building. The result is an urbanistically and architecturally sophisticated design for the school extension and the new sports hall building, which functionally upgrades, restructures and qualitatively improves the school location.

Project details

State of Berlin, District of Lichtenberg of Berlin
Building volume
3,200 sqm GFA
Invited competition 2016
3rd prize
Patrik Dierks, Norbert Sachs
Dierks Sachs

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