Golf lodges Budersand

Merging with nature

The Sea Ranch in California could symbolize the Golf Lodges in Hörnum. Despite the variety of motifs, a homogeneous canon of materials characterizes the uniformity of the lodges. Gray wooden formwork, roofs overgrown with greenery, large glazing, solid interior and wooden terraces convey an atmosphere that is as rustic as it is authentic, merging with nature.
Sea Ranch

“… The houses should be as individual and diverse in design as possible, but at the same time form a unity with nature. In order to preserve the expansive character of the landscape, the spaces between the houses are public, no fences may be erected on boundaries and the properties themselves should be spared from horticultural encroachment …”

In the middle of the golf course

The lodges are 12 detached houses, sensitively embedded in the heath and golf course landscape. The houses are arranged in relation to the topography and heath landscape, with the greatest possible protection of the natural environment. 8 out of the 12 lodges are combined to 4 double units, another 4 lodges are planned as single houses. A total of 24 house units are planned in ecological timber construction.

Project details

Hörnum (Sylt)
Building volume
ca. 2,000 sqm GFA
Architectural services 2016-2022
Patrik Dierks, Katrin Cramer
GC Budersand Sylt

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