Headquarters at the Finkenberg

Flooded with light

Exposed concrete of the highest quality, a bold cantilever and multi-layered, storey-high glazing are the design features of the modern company headquarters. Over a length of more than 100 metres, the new building develops a precisely cut, light-flooded space with fully glazed offices and open, communicative interior.

Flexible office landscape

Due to a wide cantilever, the exposed concrete building is planned with extremely low structural tolerances and constructed with state-of-the-art prestressed concrete elements. The double-shelled glass facade encloses the office and meeting rooms and gives the prestigious headquarters its restrained and noble appearance.

Project details

Northern Germany
Building volume
10,500 sqm GFA
Completion 2021
Patrik Dierks, Norbert Sachs
Dierks Sachs

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