House in Glienicke


On a long, narrow plot, which is characterized by a strong difference in height between the street and the building site, the 2-story residential house for a young family was designed and built in 2002. The first floor plan consists of two squares shifted against each other, while the upper floor is narrowly superimposed lengthwise.

Clear geometry

The chosen floor plan geometry leads to a tailored solution and thus favorable and economical use of the land. The compact dwelling offers a high degree of spaciousness through its 2-story living area, while at the same time ideally meeting the family’s spatial needs. Geometrically clear shapes and large-format window elements, in addition to the use of color contrasts and light surfaces, also give the house its independent stature.

Project details

Building volume
165 sqm GFA
Glienicke Nordbahn near Berlin
Completion 2002
Patrik Dierks, Ralf Kunze, Andreas Oevermann
Simone Rosenberg

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