Office building beside museum

Flexible matrix

In the city center of Darmstadt, opposite to the Darmstadt State Museum in the Herrngarten and the baroque residential palace, the office, commercial and residential building develops an urban facade over a 50 meters in length. The dimensions of the surrounding urban space have a formative influence on the clear structure, combined with a high degree of plasticity of the large window elements.

Strong contrasts

The facade is made of light natural limestone, black anodized aluminum windows and multifunctional double glazing. The bright, precisely cut shapes add a calm and modern architectural language to the heterogeneous urban landscape.

The building is divided into three sections by two stairwells. Flexibly switchable office units from 100 to 350 sqm are located over 5 floors. Individual and combi-offices develop according to the rhythm of the facade, while the core area contains entrance and group areas. The open and spacious ground floor offers space for gastronomy and retail.

Project details

DA Invest Darmstadt
Building volume
6,500 sqm GFA
Completion 2016
Patrik Dierks
Scheinbar Real (image 1 below)
Klemens Ortmeyer
(picture above / picture 2-11 below)
Eibe Sönnecken
(cover picture / picture 12 below)

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