Pavilion TU Brunswick

Concrete – Steel – Glass

The new exhibition and teaching building of the Department of Architecture of the TU Brunswick is located in the green center of the campus and connected to the central hall of the historic main building of the university by an axial bridge on the upper level. On a square ground plan of 15 x 15 meters, the two-story reinforced concrete building is designed as an open exposed concrete structure.

Translucent thermal insulation

The raw concrete in combination with untreated industrial screed, black steel elements and a facade shell made out of industrial glass create a light-flooded workshop atmosphere as a creative laboratory for students and teachers. The facade is composed of 6-meter-long vertical cast glass elements filled with translucent thermal insulation.

Learning workshop

On a compact footprint of 15 x 15 meters, the two-story glass building in the center of the university campus with the atmosphere of a light-flooded studio forms a stage for meeting, teaching and presentation. Conceived with the Institute for Building Design.

Project details

Technical university of Brunswick
Brunswick (Braunschweig)
Building volume
500 sqm GFA
Completion 2004
Meinhard v. Gerkan, Patrik Dierks, Peter Glaser, Christiane Kraatz, Hajo Paap, Wilhelm Springmeier
Klemens Ortmeyer

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