Residence of the Finnish Embassy

Finnish serenity

Reconstruction, modernization and conversion of a listed villa from the 1920s in Berlin-Zehlendorf into the residence of the Embassy of Finland. Through careful alterations and the insertion of new elements, the house regains its clearly articulated spatial structure, which can be seen as an ideal basis for the representation of the embassy. The newly added elements testify to the respect for what has gone before and at the same time document a contemporary commitment that is close to a Finnish understanding of design. The new entrance area with a transparent vestibule made of glass and stainless steel, the entrance separee with wardrobes made of dark veneers as well as the extensive sauna area in the basement enrich this romantic gem.

Tradition and modernity

The country house was built in 1921 by Paul Zimmereimer as part of an urban ensemble and features stylistic elements from different periods. The main part of the building is symmetrically structured and enriched by expressionist motifs. A one-story annex is added on the garden side, which breaks with the symmetry and seems to be committed to classical modernism. The building has been listed since 1986. Borrowing English country house motifs, the floor plan is organized around a central hall with a fireplace.

Project details

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Building volume
950 sqm GFA
Completion 2000
Patrik Dierks, Ralf Kunze, Andreas Oevermann
Klemens Ortmeyer

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