Residential building at the palace garden

House and garden interweaving

The site near Lake Schwerin, not far from the palace park, is oriented in an almost ideal way and is particularly suitable for the combination of private residence and business headquarters. On the terrain, which slopes gently down to the street, three programmatic building sections are oriented southward to the garden and formed into a whole on a connecting base floor. The staggering of the buildings responds to the defining features of the prominent and space-creating tree population. In the way they form space, these features create a three-dimensional interweaving of house and garden, in contrast to their monolithic and hierarchically raised neighbor buildings.

Image modules

Each individual room of the house, through the arrangement of its openings, appears like a suggestive image box that places the interior and exterior in an exciting relationship. Specific garden spaces become the integrative pictorial component of an associated interior space and the house parts themselves become the frame of the garden. The vertical path through the house follows the spaces in between and resembles a scenic sequence of views in and out. The use of identical materials for interior and exterior surfaces, as well as the continuity of the facades and floors, reinforces the impression of spatial interconnectedness. Together with the differentiated spatial setting of the planting areas they complement a spatial structure that allows the house to oscillate between a villa and a country house.

Project details

Building volume
895 sqm GFA
Completion 2002
Katrin Cramer, Kirsten Schemel
Stefan Müller

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