Schönefeld Tower


Schönefeld Tower – Your gateway to Berlin-Brandenburg. The Schönefeld Tower business campus is an unmistakable landmark with great appeal for the entire airport region at the interface between Berlin and Brandenburg. The Schönefeld Tower site is strategically located not far from the new BER Airport and thus in one of the most promising future regions of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Region

At this gateway to the future BER airport region in Berlin-Schönefeld, not far from the two main terminals and with excellent transportation network, a lively commercial campus is planned for the settlement of innovative tech, finance and hotel companies. The development concept provides for several building blocks, which will be realized according to the individual requirements of future users. The ensemble will be completed by the erection of the 110-meter tower at the southern tip of the site.

Project details

TAMAX PE Waltersdorfer Chaussee GmbH
Schönefeld near Berlin
Building volume
65,000 sqm GFA
Project 2019-2024
Patrik Dierks with Götz M. Keller
A-promise studio
Dierks & Cramer

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