State Museum Vieweghaus

Historical center

The Brunswick State Museum is located in the Vieweghaus in the historic center of Brunswick. The former residential and publishing house was built around 1800 for the publisher Friedrich Vieweg to the design of David and Friedrich Gilly and Heinrich Gentz. Its archaic Doric style elements and austere forms make it one of the most important buildings of Classicism in Germany. In the 1980s it was converted into a state museum, although the exterior appearance remained unchanged.

Filigree glass roof

At the center of the construction project is the new filigree roofing of the central courtyard with a convex arched steel and glass construction and thus the creation of a light-flooded museum foyer of high public relevance. In addition, the entire museum is undergoing a complete renovation, with the implementation of contemporary methodical and didactic museum concepts.

Open foyer

The new roofing of the central courtyard with a filigree, convexly curved steel and glass construction creates a light-flooded and spacious museum foyer. The new open Campe Forum is being created as a memorable place for events of high public relevance and at the same time as the central foyer of the State Museum with its important collection.

Project details

State Construction Management Brunswick
Building volume
1,500 sqm new construction / 8,000 sqm total GFA
Brunswick (Braunschweig)
Architectural services 2017-2021
Patrik Dierks
Patrik Dierks (Bild oben)
Davide Abbonacci

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