Stones and water

Modern neighborhood

A proud residential house from the 1920s is juxtaposed with a new house on the neighboring lot. Towards the street, the new house appears moderate and shows itself to belong to the old residential house by using a dark burnt brick. Through the modern and restrained design language, the youth expresses its respect for the old. Towards the sunken garden, the new house appears two-story and open.

Space and light

Silent on the outside, spatial freedom unfolds on the inside. The living floor is divided by vertical atriums that channel the skylight deep into the bathing floor below. Room-high glazing in the interior leads to the linking of different atmospheres. The inside and outside are connected by the continuous water level. Stones, water and wood are the defining elements.

Project details

Northern Germany
Building volume
850 sqm GFA
Completion 2010
Patrik Dierks with Fabian Wichers
Christoph Rokitta

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