Upper Secondary School of Banking and Insurance

Contrast und proportion

Extensive reconstruction and a new facade design as well as a complete energetic refurbishment of the Upper Secondary School of Banking and Insurance in Berlin-Moabit. As part of the energy-related refurbishment, the building from the 1980s was completely overhauled and got a new architectural and urban expression. The light-colored facade surfaces of the elongated building are linearly structured with dark-colored facade bands by integrating all functional elements. The proportions of the school building are significantly influenced by the formation of the building’s base in dark fired clinker brick, which at the same time robustly anchors the building in the urban space.

Energetic refurbishment

The construction measure involves the complete building envelope, the reformation and upgrading of the facade and the renovation of the entire roof and exterior areas. All facade and window constructions were redeveloped and integratively designed in accordance with the energy requirements for thermal, acoustic and solar protection. The existing structure of reinforced concrete walls with precast concrete curtain walls was structurally and physically developed in accordance with the energy saving regulations. The base area on the first floor received a clinker brick facing and the entrance areas and door systems were redesigned as well.

Project details

Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development
Building volume
5,500 sqm GFA
Completion 2012
Patrik Dierks
Maximilian Meisse

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