Upper West Berlin

In the city center

Located directly on Breitscheidplatz, the Upper West Berlin, together with the Waldorf Astoria, Bikini Berlin and the Europa Center from the 1960s, form the urban center of western Berlin. The focal point at this historically significant location is the war-damaged Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with its extension by Egon Eiermann as a world-famous landmark. The Upper West Berlin is considered one of the most ambitious high-rise projects in the City West Berlin.

Reflection and quote

The anchoring of the high-rise building in the city occurs on a spatial and ideational level. Through two striking foyers, the intersection between the object and the city is appropriately staged for the ambitious high-rise project with a side view of the masterful church building by Egon Eiermann. As a pivotal point, the foyers interpret the building, the site and the history in their own way by combining all aspects into a whole. They create a focused grandeur in the smallest space by superimposing, mirroring, quoting and convoluting the spatial, pictorial and historical levels.

Vertical space sequence

In a coherent spatial sequence, the design motifs continue to develop vertically from the high-rise foyers via the elevators to the details of the top floors, with their foyers and offices. Luminaires, furniture, objects as well as wall coverings are developed as specific objects and integral components of an overall concept.

Project details

Strabag Real Estate
Berlin Charlottenburg
Building volume
1,800 sqm GFA
Completion 2017
Cramer Neumann Architekten
Technical lighting planning
Edgar Schläfle
Andreas Meichsner
Photos of the office
Jonas Holthaus
Photos of the elevators
Max Kissler

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