Urban Quarter Heinersdorf

Sustainable urban quarter

A residential quarter with around 500 residential units of various sizes and orientations is being developed on the site of the former old market garden in Heinersdorf in Berlin-Pankow. A modern, sustainable urban quarter is being created with a high quality of open space and a balanced high proportion of rent-controlled apartments. The existing urban structures in the Heinersdorf city district lead to a balanced concept in terms of scale and grain, which on the one hand responds to the new street layout and at the same time dives into a dialogue with the surrounding buildings.

Holistic development concept

The aim of the urban development concept is to develop a new residential quarter with an appropriate urban density on the available land area and at the same time to structurally integrate the use and development structure of the surrounding area. In addition to residential construction, individual commercial and retail spaces as well as a daycare center are planned for the area. Economic and ecological features will be integrated into a holistic, urban and architectural overall concept.

Project details

Kronberg RE / Gewobag Wohnungsbau-AG
Berlin-Pankow, Heinersdorf district
Building volume
ca. 44,000 sqm GFA
Architectural services 2018-2022
Patrik Dierks, Katrin Cramer
Dierks & Cramer

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