WerkBundStadt Berlin

New urban quarter

More than 30 architectural companies from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland were working in a cooperative process on the ‘WerkBundStadt’ on an area of around 22,000 square meters on an industrial site in Berlin-Charlottenburg on the Spree River bank. Three different building concepts were developed by each of the thirty architects on selected plots of land. It is the vision of a new urban quarter with about 1,000 residential units, commercial, hotels and infrastructure for the ‘Modern Living and Living of the Future’.

What is the WerkBundStadt ?

The thesis: The place of residence of the 21st century human being is the city. Here he is an individual and at the same time part of a collective. Here he lives and works, here he can develop socially and culturally. The dwelling is the constituent element of the city and gives it a form and a shape. In the apartment, the primordial cell of human existence, we find a sense of security – even without spaced green spaces and beyond functionalist serial floor plans.

That is why we are not thinking about a new WerkBund housing estate, but about a new WerkBund city. That is why we are projecting a dense urban quarter for living and working in Berlin. We are conducting a discourse on economic conditions and political will, on traffic and public space, on energy and technical possibilities. And about a contemporary form and design and material qualities that redeem all this.

Project details

Deutscher Werkbund Berlin e.V.
Building volume
9,800 sqm gross floor space on 3 sites
Workshop procedure 2015-2016
Patrik Dierks
Lukas Specks, Patrik Dierks
Model photo
Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

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