Carossa Quarter

Collective Diversity

The subject of the workshop process for the Carossa Quarter is the development of an urban and sustainable city quarter with apartments and public uses of various types on a site with historic buildings and trees in Berlin-Spandau near the bank of the Havel River.

Connectedness – How will we live together?

The urban quarter offers a differentiated mix of various types of housing in a direct waterfront location with a total of more than 3,500 apartments of the most diverse design in new buildings and listed existing buildings by Hans Hertlein. Shared spaces indoors and outdoors weave together the multifaceted urban quarter and give it its urban character.

Project details

KAURI CAB Development Berlin GmbH
Building volume
approx. 35,000 sqm GFA
Workshop procedure 2019
1st Prize
Patrik Dierks, Katrin Cramer
Dierks & Cramer
Davide Abbonacci

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